This month's issue was all about exploring the identity of queer stories within the theatre. We've just begun scratching the surface, discovering the texts and performances that are challenging the art of storytelling rooted in the binary. The word 'Queer' has always been represented with all the colours in the rainbow, and while the design embraces this celebration of colour and diversity, the design also incorporate how these very colours paint the queer narrative in the performing arts, giving rise to authentic, characters, voices and faces.

To be queer is being actively opposed to the structures of stability and tidy boxes. Queer is a territory of rebellion, of identity freedom, against the dominant narrative of anything “normal”. It aligns with everybody who is marginalized, otherized and repressed. It is for those who want to break free, implicitly and explicitly, from any roles expected from this hierarchical-affirmative-binary society. That’s what we wanted to convey through the theme ‘Queer Theatre’ in this edition of Thespo Ink. In Lead Pencil, we have Vibhanshu Doshi talking about how he found the queer in theatre through the various performances he observed as part of being a performer and crew in productions. In Young Perspective, we have Aishwarya Goli, pondering over why there is so much trauma-inspired queer theatre in our culture and how she demands to see more positive representations of queer stories. Finally, we have the talented Lauren Robinson answering our Quick 8 questions.

You can also check out What’s On @ Thespo (not so subtle hint: a lot!!), and check out what Chanakya Vyas, the artistic director of Indian Ensemble, recommends the top 4 plays young people should read based on queer themes.

Delve into these myriad perspectives by our young theatremakers now!

August 2021: Queer Theatre

Designed by Anushka Ghose & Sameer Ayyagari

Edited by Nipun Srivastava

The Queer in Theatre I Found | Vibhanshu Doshi

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Trauma Inspired Queer Theatre | Aishwarya Goli

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Four Plays on Queer Themes | Chanakya Vyas

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What's On @Thespo 
Your sneak-peak into all the fun stuff we've been up to...

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Quick 8 with
Lauren Robinson: actor, writer and theatremaker

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