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The Queer in Theatre I Found

Written by Vibhanshu Doshi


Photo Credit (Even Mists Have Silver Linings):

Punit Reddy/ Five Senses Theatre , MMXX 

Along with these projects,there are theatre festivals being organised, that celebrate the very essence of queer life in the country, like the Delhi International Queer Theatre and Film Festival. Theatre has always been way ahead of its time, but in a time like this- the proscenium has somewhere found a safe space, that is inclusive and celebratory. 


Having said that, there will always be cultural boundaries and traditional implications that prevent art from existing in its rawest form. A lot of it has to do with the lingo and vocabulary when it comes to Queer stories- because, in the otherwise heteronormative culture, these are termed as strange. Likewise, the Censorship Board has been struggling to certify scripts that are objectively harmless, without censoring 'problematic' discourses that are very well written within the realms of the context! 


‘Queer’ as a word isn’t a modern Gen Z, westernised jargon, and nor are the identities this umbrella encompasses. This is grossly misunderstood in our culture. This ‘us’ and ‘them’ is very prevalent. The lenses with which the crowds of a heteronormative paradigm see queer content will always be different than those on the other side of the spectrum. But, the target audience for Queer theatre isn’t just queer people!


Thus, there will always be 'Confused whispers. Delighted frowns. Astonished faces' in the audience who may never relate to the shared stories, but what cannot be ignored is that these very faces contribute to the spark and add to conversations that are very much needed. 


Theatre has found its queer, and its emerging.