Quick 8

August 2021

Lauren Robinson


#1: Have you ever come across a character in a play that you have identified with?

Lauren Robinson is a super duper talented theatre person, who is one of the most fascinating emerging artists currently at the scene.

We got to fire up our Quick 8 questions at her as we are just theatre nerds curious to know more. What will she tell us? Let's find out.

Nora from The Doll’s House, Blanche Dubois from A Street Car Named Desire, George/Georgina from Futureproof by Lynda Radley and definitely the role of Porter in Shakespearean plays - providing comic relief amidst tragedy is an artform on its own.

#2: Do you have any theatre pet peeves?

One of my directors once said “Everything WILL go wrong in a rehearsal but there is one thing you can always do right - is to be on time” I concur, hard!

Kindness - I mean this really shouldn’t be a peeve even but a norm - regardless of the hierarchy of roles or management, I feel everyone has a voice that should be heard, respected and no one is anyone’s slave. Especially people behind the scenes. 

Oooh, and I also don’t like anyone writing in my script - like don’t mess up my highlighter game y’all!.

#3: What sort of queer characters or stories do you want to read/watch?

Oh so many!

Queer stories embedded in joy  rather than tragedy, characters that are wholesome and much more than just their queerness. Writers/Directors being open to cast non-cis actors for cis roles and beyond.

Comedy that shows hard work into being informed so it’s enjoyable.
And lastly, just more representation of all types queer on and off stage/camera.

#4: Are there any performances you have seen whose representation of the LGBTHQIA+ community has struck a chord with you?

The Gentleman’s Club by The Patchworks Ensemble showcased drag artists in an underground scene and that struck a chord because of it’s realness and the use of witty comedy. Another was QueenSize by Mandeep Raikhy that still gets me emotional because of its powerful storytelling and use of setting.

Shikhandi by FatsThe Arts - I remember being moved by the strength of the ensemble and their contemporary depiction of this epic folk tale.

#5: Biggest theatre fear?

That there will be a massive pregnant pause and I will end up connecting with an audience member deeply and not feel like taking an exit.

#6: If you could trade lives with a character from a play, who would it be?


#7:  3 things that pop into your mind when you hear the word 'black out'

Okay, dont move or you will fall.
It’s over guys, clap already!
Um, shall I bow now? Oh wait, they can’t see me.

#8: You get a call from Shakespeare in the middle of the night. What do you say to him?

Oh hello, this is like major throwback, but can you please clear the confusion on your birth date - because “…when beggars are born there are no comets seen, heavens themselves blaze forth the birth of prince’s.” 

See what I did there ;)